EREG – Electronic registry

EREG – Electronic registry

EREG is the electronic registry for high schools since 2008.

The registry is divided into two sections, the cloud registry and the class registry that is installed in the school building. The two registers synchronize to provide stable and continuous access to both school and home. Synchronization, as well as user access, is made using the https protocol and ssl encryption that provide secure and reliable access.

Main features:

  • Managing arguments and assignments in both cloud and school
  • Absence report
  • Grades  registry
  • Periodic evaluations, online and offline school surveys, computerized judgment management
  • Automated report cards
  • Choice of voting type (half votes, decimal places, judgments) and custom tags
  • Alerts and circulars, added by administrative office, are visible directly in the classroom and accessible to families with a click
  • Communications trough sms and emails of absence or custom messages

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