Access control and computer security

Access control and computer security

Internet access control

The responsibility for a malicious event caused by improper use of internet services can give rise to multiple forms of overlapping responsibility, from criminal prosecution to administrative disputes to civilians. The issue of Computer Security is therefore a major issue for institutions and locales that provide free access to the network, which is still not perceived and apparently complex. Small measurements, simple tools and correct methodologies can reduce the risks on your systems. When considering the issue of computer security there are two different approaches to assess commitments, implications and consequences. There are those who run the repairs once they have suffered the damage and who, more intelligently, try to keep up with the times and deal with the possible risks with the due precautions.

Access control with Google

Integration with Google Accounts guarantees ease of use and management.
Google Business and Education Accounts can also be used to authenticate by restricting access to only registered users to your business or school domain, user management will be simplified and can be performed directly in the Google suite administration panel.
The Google Authentication System (protocol oAuth 2.0 and OpenId) provides secure and controlled access, safe because the only one who knows about your password is always and only the user, checked because the user's email is logged and linked to All the traffic he has made.


Tutela Base
Access control
Tutela Light
Access control, firewall.
Tutela Full
Access control, firewall, division of the zones. Recommended to buy also network management package.

Tutela is the product for access control, available in three versions. Versions, apart from being differentiated by functionality, are also distinguished by the maximum number of concurrent connections that can be made by the user.

Feature Description

Access Control: Every user must enter username and password to access the network. All the traffic he has carried out will be recorded and, in the case of illicit, provided to the competent authorities.

Prevent intrusion or attack from outside.
When talking about attacks from the outside, one always thinks of big realities such as banks or multinationals, and neglects the fact that a computer pirate to spread its attacks on large institutions is based on unprotected PCs.

Traffic control.
You can review the reports that describe network traffic at any time. The reports are anonymous, compliant with the Guarantor's provisions, automatically saved on external media for 180 days and available to the authorities in case of disputes.